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Static data config changing between branch switches

mhmacleodmhmacleod Posts: 5 Bronze 1
edited March 8, 2023 10:38AM in SQL Source Control
When I switch between different branches of the same database project, the static data configurations can swing wildly resulting in large changes to the 'DataFileSet' section of the xml file. The behavior seems to be random and consists of the following effects:
- tables added to the list (even if they no longer exist)
- tables removed even if they exist
- existing tables re-arranged in the list

Sometimes these can even happen in consecutive Pushes to the same branch - the first push does a whole bunch of changes then the next one would undo everything (or partly, and then do its own changes), even if there was no actual static data change in that push.


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    mw_mw_ Posts: 1 New member
    I've noticed similar issues on, specifically silent re-ordering of tables within RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml (seemingly at random):

    Which is then rectified back to the original alphabetical ordering on subsequent commits - doesn't appear to be an obvious reason as to what is triggering this.
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