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Can you stop Code Analysis from preventing the popup so I can get the script for an item?!

Okay, I'll ask here before I simply turn it off, since I see the overall value in the Code analysis feature. But I'm always using SQLPrompt's ability to show the entire script for a table/SP, which is hampered because I'm cutting/pasting from somewhere, so there's a either three-name-DB Call, or I'm not in the right database, or "parameter was not supplied", or whatever, and it won't show the "do you wanna view the script" popup while there's a Code Analysis issue.I just want to see the fscking script. Don't not show it because you're showing me why my code sucks.


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    Hi @mbourgon

    Can understand some of the frustration there, not sure of all the scenarios you face but I do know that sometimes the pop-up doesn't appear as it can't fully qualify the object you are trying to view.

     The Code Analysis feature is largely an on/off setting without a lot of granularity of the features within it to modify.

     You may be able to change the behavior a bit through the SQL Prompt Command Palette (SQL Prompt > Open Command Palette <ALT+S>

     In the options section you can toggle different settings on or off. This may offer some flexibility in allowing you to copy in code and still have some pop-ups appear as you want.


    Alternatively, your request may be a UserVoice functionality request to be implemented into SQL Prompt in the future. You can put a feature request for SQL Prompt here https://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/94413-sql-prompt/ 
    Our development and product teams review UserVoice to help shape the future direction that our tools take and can be a valid way to get new features and functionality added.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    mbourgon2mbourgon2 Posts: 5 New member
    @Jon_Kirkwood thanks. The problem isn't that, though.  See below - when there's no "bad code", it'll show the tooltip so that I can view the object, but not when there's bad code (as per the rules). 

    no tooltip from sqlprompt.

    make it so that the code sniff isn't valid, and ....

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