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Generate three-part object reference validation report

We recently brought our entire sql database estate under SCA control. We disabled the three-part object reference validation early on, due to thousands of validation errors.
Today I ran into a issue highlighting the need to resolve these (new field added to an existing table, updated sproc to insert data into new field, causing the build to fail due to three-part object reference)

Is there a way I can generate a three-part object reference validation report without enabling the script validation in the project file? This would let us slowly address the problem over time instead of trying to touch all of the problem objects in one whack.


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    Hi @Sean_Lively

    In this case, if you're using the PowerShell directly, you can use New-DatabaseProjectObject instead of the default Invoke-DatabaseBuild which the add-ons use and can't be changed. The DatabaseProjectObject skips schema validation by default and so you can allow the three-part naming. Otherwise, you will need to manually resolve this issue!

    Kind regards

    Dan Calver | Redgate Software
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