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SSMS 19.0 and SQL Search

I installed the SSMS 19.0 release, uninstalled and reinstalled SQLPrompt and SQL Search with latest versions.  SQL Prompt works in SSMS 19, but the SQL Search button is missing.

I followed the advice on this forum from other versions (uninstalled/reinstalled, rebooted, etc) and it still isn't working  Any advice for SSMS 19?

I still have SSMS 18.12.1 installed and SQL search is working there.

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    Ben_PBen_P Posts: 226 Silver 2

    Hi @SS123456 thank you for your post. 

    currently only SQL Prompt supports SSMS 19. SQL Search and the other tools do not. 

    Work has begun on updating the tools though to support SSMS 19.  There should be an announcement on the Forum when this is released.  


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