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TiagoArnaldoTiagoArnaldo Posts: 2 New member
edited January 24, 2023 3:14PM in Flyway (General Discussion)

I'm doing some tests on an existing application with the flyway community 6.0.6 and SQLServer 2019.

I read about the database compatibility on this page but I'm confused.

For the Flyway community, the SQLServer19 support will end in 2024.
But does it mean that the flyway will stop working, and not run new migrations? or it's more about documentation and answers?

It affects if we will add the flyway community in our app on prod.



  • Adam_BrittAdam_Britt Posts: 6 Bronze 1
    edited January 26, 2023 3:16PM
    Hello Tiago,

    I am really interested to know why you are using version 6.0.6 of Flyway and not the latest version? Is there something specific in version 6.0.6 that is not available or a reason why upgrading flyway would be difficult for you?  We wouldn't recommend using an old version of the software as we are continuously adding additional features, bug fixes and security patches to the latest version of the software which make it more secure. 


  • Hi Adam,
    My application uses SpringBoot 2.2.0, and when I tried to run a newer Flyway version it didn't work. 
    I'm working on a spike task and doing some local tests using flyway.

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