Verifying that a Red Gate Backup had Checksum enabled

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I have a need to run an SQLBackup with the CHECKSUM option enabled. In a test it didn't seem to take much longer to run than a full backup without the checksum option. I then tested running the T-SQL in the query window of SQL2005 SSMS and the checksum option is not displayed in the output. I then tried using the RESTORE SQBHEADERONLY on the backup file and it does not show any mention of checksum.

Is there a way, in 5.4, to see whether a backup had Checksum turned on?


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    The CHECKSUM setting isn't displayed in any of the SQL Backup outputs (RESTORE SQBHEADERONLY, RESTORE HEADERONLY). You would need to check the msdb..backupset table for the relevant backup to confirm that checksums were turned on (the has_backup_checksums column).
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  • In that case Petey, I would like to make this a request to have this information added to RESTORE SQBHEADERONLY output.


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