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Azure Data Factory, Synpase, Azure SQL Database, and SQL Change Automation

We are moving more of our work away from on-prem SSIS into synapse/ADF and using Azure SQL DB. This is great, but we are also using SCA. This was working OKish when developing ETL in SSIS, even with the slight mismatch between a local SQL Server 2019 "local dev" DB and the Azure SQL DBs for dev integration/testing and production.

However, moving to ADF/synapse creates a new difficulty. These technologies don't really work with a "local dev" SQL Server DB on each developers laptop. Even with an self-hosted integration runtime, it seems unlikely (or maybe undesirable) to create ADF linked services to these DBs.

We're considering making dev Azure SQL DBs for each developer. Does anyone have any recommendations for getting this to work smoothly?



PS We do currently have Azure DevOps pipelines and releases that deploy via SCA to the dev integration Azure SQL DB upon commit/push to the main branch. We have a manual release pipeline that deploys the same build to the prod Azure SQL DB. We do not have any ability at this point to build/deploy feature branch DBs.
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