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Intellisense breaks on re-opening SSMS with multi database scripts

JoelgJoelg Posts: 11 Bronze 1
Since a couple of weeks I have issues with the intellisense suggestions not applied correctly. part of the code is red squigglies and "invalid object" errors. Even though the code is runnable

To reproduce
1. Create a new script that
a. selects using three point notation from different database (select * from database.schema.table)
b. selects using two point notation from current database (select * from schema.table)
2. Close SSMS and re-open
3. Intellisense now squiggly lines everything for the second statement (even though current database is selected)
4 Ctrl+Shift+D does not fix the errors
5 . Closing and Re-opening  the window fixes the errors
6. Adding a explicit use statement (for the already current database) fixes the squigglies. This indicates parsing logic is broken.



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