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Connection Options

brosatobrosato Posts: 89 Bronze 2
edited June 1, 2009 7:36AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Is there a way to force SQL Prompt to use the connection account that I specify in the options? I want to be able to use an sa account in there so developers can decrypt procedures without having to be sa. Why provide a place to enter an account to use and then not use it?


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    Anu DAnu D Posts: 876 Silver 3
    Thanks for your post.

    As per the scenario you have described we tried to implement that at our end and we came to following conclusions:

    If you are using SQL Server 2000:

    1. You need to give your developers Sysadmin rights to decrypt the store procedure as Prompt needs to execute the DBCC commands to decrypt the same.
    2. If you see SQL Server doesn't allow you to Modify or View the encrypted Object but you can do this using SQL Prompt (Account which has created that and also accounts with Sysadmin rights can view it through SQL Prompt.)
    3. The option available with SQL Prompt (Navigate to SQL Prompt --> Options --> Connections --> Login Credentials) to set the connection is for the Linked SQL servers. That is if your existing login is not able to connect to a particular linked server database than it will use the Login credentials provided in that section.

    If you are using SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008:
    I am afraid the current version of SQL prompt doesn't support this functionality.
    We have an SQL Prompt 4.0 release coming up which will support decryption.

    Kindly let us know if you have any questions regarding SQL prompt.
    Anuradha Deshpande
    Product Support
    Redgate Software Ltd.
    E-mail: support@red-gate.com
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