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Can I get Email Alerts for an alert that is below the general Email threshold?

We have our Email notifications set to only Email on high severity items.

However, I have a custom alert which when raises a Medium severity alert and would like to send an Email when that alert fires. I could set the severity of this alert to high risk and send to the relevant Email addresses but the alert is something that isn't truely a High risk so would skew reporting figures etc, its just something one of the other members of the team (non DBA) would like to be alerted of

Is it possible to override the general Email severity level for individual alerts?


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    Hi @SEarle86

    In order to send out that custom alert which is classified with a Medium severity, you will need to adjust your notifications setting to allow High and Medium alerts. If it is High only, then only High alerts will be sent out. There isn't a way to override that.

    My advice would be to set the notification setting as High and Medium alerts, and then adjust your alerts accordingly to disable emails for alerts you don't require. 

    Kind regards,

    Kurt McCormick
    Product Support Engineer, Redgate

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