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SQL Monitor Upgrade Automation - Latest Version

Hey folks,

I've loosely followed the documentation here working-example-setting-up-automated-installs to get an automated process written for updating SQL Monitor.

I am curious though on how to download the latest version of the installer, according to automated-installation-and-updates it states:
The latest stable version can be downloaded from https://download.red-gate.com/SQLMonitor.exe

In using this link today I get version 12.1.45 and after the installation is complete I go to Configuration > About it shows that there is a 12.1.47 update available:

I can see on this page (https://download.red-gate.com/installers/SQLMonitor/2022-12-14/) there is a folder for '2022-12-14/' - when I download that it has version 12.1.46 - still can't find 12.1.47 this route.

Finally if I click on the updates available link from the Configuration > About page I get a download for SQLMonitorWeb_12.1.47. 

How do I automatically download the latest version - so as of today 12.1.47?

I also noticed that the link from the Configuration > About page contains a guid in the link - is this important to determine whether this licensed copy of SQL Monitor can be upgraded?




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