anyone else unable to check in functions with inline = off

as per the title really we have some (SQL 2019) functions with inline turned off. This causes the whole check in to fail.
The only way so far we have found to workaround is to keep this line commented out when checking in.

create function dbo.inlinefail
@input as int
returns int
with inline = off
return 2;

we are using source control
We already raised a ticket, but have been told it wont be addressed. So have other people found a better workaround?


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    Hi @swisssi

    Hoping you do find a workaround for this issue, in the interim I would also suggest making a post on the SQL Source Control UserVoice page:

    UserVoice is a place for functionality/feature requests to be made and are viewed directly by our product and development teams. 

    It may be another avenue for your inquiry. When posting on UserVoice it's recommended to include any impact that the request is having on your organisation or how a change such as this would help your pipeline/processes by using our software.
    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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