UPDATETEXT error when synchronization

jessy_chenjessy_chen Posts: 6
Error: Synchronization failed: UPDATETEXT is
not allowed because the column is being processed by a concurrent snapshot and
is being replicated to a non-SQL Server Subscriber or Published in a
publicationallowing Data Transformation Services (DTS).

Please take a look for the error message when I try to sync a table to another server. Thanks.


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    Thanks for your post.

    This error is returned by SQL Server, which I think will mean that for it to work with SQL Data Compare, you either have to turn off replication on that column, or exclude that column from the sync.

    However, UPDATETEXT is going to be removed from SQL Server in future versions, so maybe the sync will work if you use the recommended UPDATE .WRITE command instead of UPDATETEXT.

    Can you try replacing the UPDATETEXT command in the generated SQL script to use:

    .WRITE ( expression, @Offset , @Length )

    If that works, then I will make sure the developers know about this and can incorporate it into a future version.

    Let me know what you think.
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