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Concurrent releases in the SCA deployment pipeline

Here is our scenario:  

We currently have at least one release in progress for which we import the changes into our SCA project and it gets put into the CI/CD pipeline.  

From time to time, we need to on-board new "clients" into the application, and have been using SCA to move the client core data from environment to environment using SCA data migration options to ensure the content is in all environments.

How can we accomplish an onboarding of a new client if I get the onboarding request after we have already pushed a SCA change into our dev/qa environment?  If I create a new migration in SCA with the client data and start a new release of those changes, I will be forced to apply my release changes in production environments before the application is ready.

So for example:  
Monday I refresh my SCA project with the dev changes I have been working on for a week and push them into the CI/CD pipeline in my Dev environment.

On Wed I get a request to onboard a new client so I need to seed the DB with all their configuration data - which I want to use SCA to push up the pipeline.

The client onboarding will need to be in production likely weeks before the current development release.

How can I use RedGate to move the client data without the ddl changes?


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