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Email Notifications

erramesherramesh Posts: 2
edited May 18, 2009 7:08AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions

I read in one of the previous posts that an email alert is not generated until the previous alert on the same issue is resolved. This restriction is adding a lot of work for us. In my job function I don't actively monitor the SQLResponse client all the time. I rely on email alerts to get notified of an issue and when I get an email regarding an issue, either me or someone will go and fix it. We don't go and clear the alert in SQL Response. One more reason for not clearing the alert is that when you clear an alert it looses its alert level indicator (red,yellow,blue). Having these colors gives a visual representation of how the server was during a time window.

Eventhough the functionality of mandating that the alert be cleared before sending an email on the same issue is meant to avoid spamming, most of the time it only helps to know that the problem is happening repeatedly and hence multiple emails should not be an issue.

I would like to request a feature in your future release that gives an option that says 'Receive email notification always' in the alert configuration window so that people can pick and choose which ones they would like to receive multiple emails.

Apologize for the long post.




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    I have logged your feature request in our tracking system. This will be considered for a future release of SQL Response although we have no timescales for this as 1.3 is due out this week.
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