Azure Synapse support across red-gate products

Hi All. 

I've searched the forums and found a few answers (some of which were recent but some of which were a couple of years old), but I was hoping to get all the information in one place and confirmed.

Do the Red-gate SQL Server products work with Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pools.

I'm thinking

SQL Prompt - Yes
SQL Compare - No
SQL Data Compare - No
SQL Monitor - No
SQL Source Control - No
Flyway Desktop - ??

My company uses Synapse and the DWH team works with the DBA team to do deployments which they are struggling with somewhat (they use GitHub / AzureDevOps pipelines).  I'm in a different team so don't have much access at current so can't test it out.


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    Ben_PBen_P Posts: 224 Silver 2
    Hi Ben, Thank you for your past.

    Support for Azure synapse is limited to Flyway Desktop I'm afraid. 

    SQL Prompt does not support Azure Synapse either. Some functions may work but it is not officially supported unfortunately.  


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