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Refresh Suggestions not working on SSMS v19 p3

When I use Azure Active Directory - Universal MFA Authentication with SQL Prompt it can't retrieve the Table/Field Meta data when I Refresh the Suggestions Ctrl + Shift + D

if I use SQL Authentication it does work however


  • Hello, 

    Thank you for your inquiry into SQL Prompt, we are sorry to hear that it is giving you trouble.

    The issue with refreshing suggestions did this start after updating to SQL Prompt v10.13.0 and worked fine on a previous version or is this a new install and refresh suggestions never worked with MFA?


  • haydn75haydn75 Posts: 5 New member
    this is a fresh install on SSM v19 (the latest new release) 
    I'm not sure if SQL Prompt ever worked with MFA in this version.

    It worked on SSMS v18
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