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Hello.  I noticed there was a new "SQL History" feature in 10.13, so I tried it by enabling it in the options (I was not previously using the tab history).  After enabling SQL History in the Prompt options, I noticed a SqlHistory.db file was created in my AppData folder, and the time stamp seems to be regularly updated when I'm doing stuff in SSMS.  However, opening the SQL History window in SSMS just shows me a blank white page.  What am I doing wrong?



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    Not sure what the issue was, but it appears resolved.

    I was opening the SQL History from the command palette, and the window was blank.  Today I tried enabling the Redgate toolbar and opening SQL History from the toolbar, and now it shows data regardless of where it's opened from.  So I guess on the first opening, it has to be from the toolbar for some reason.

    Suggestion:  If a user highlights a portion of a query and executes only that portion, it should be noted in SQL History.  Currently, if I execute only a portion of the text in a query window by highlighting it, SQL History shows the complete query text with no indication that you didn't run it all.  This could be very confusing.  Having a way to see what was actually executed would be useful.
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    DROP_TABLE_StudentsDROP_TABLE_Students Posts: 48 Silver 1
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    Had this happen again after hiding the Redgate toolbar.  So there is some intermittent issue with SQL History showing a blank screen when the Redgate toolbar is not active.  (now on
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    Hi DROP_TABLE_Students

    I am getting the same thing here, just raising it with the dev team. 

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