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New SQL History Window Feedback

Hi Redgate Team -

I'm providing feedback on the new SQL History "feature." I prefer the old Tab History window over the new SQL History window.

Things I like about Tab History:
  • It's small and compact.
  • I have easy access to open, closed, or starred queries (I use starred a lot).

Things I don't like about SQL History:
  • It takes over my screen.
  • It's too much information for me most of the time.
  • I have to open it to get to the Tab History screen.

Is there an option to have a separate Tab History button available so that I don't have to go through SQL History unless I want/need to?

Note: I wanted to send this feedback through the "We would love to hear your thoughts..." link at the bottom of the window. But, the link was trying to force me to use a mail client I don't have set up instead of my corporate O365 Outlook. Why wouldn't it work with Outlook?

I love SQL Prompt. It makes my life so much easier! I will miss the Tab History window if it goes away.

Thanks -



  • Hi Chris,
    Thank you for your feedback regarding Tab History and SQL History. 
    I am going to pass your comments back to our development team for their information and consideration. In the mean time, it is currently possible to access the Tab History view by clicking the clock icon at the right of the feedback banner: . It is worth mentioning however that this icon is due to be removed in the next version of SQL Prompt. 
    Regarding not being able to feedback via Outlook, I'm not entirely sure why this wasn't working for you. If I click the feedback link it opens a new Outlook email. I'll include this in my feedback to the development team also.

    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
    Have you visited our Help Center?
  • Thanks, Dan!
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