Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 version 17.4.0 SQL Prompt auto complete not working

I just updated VS2022 yesterday and when after typing SELECT * FROM There are no table suggestions. Note I have an active connection. If I manually type out SELECT * FROM Products the query works, if I go back to the * and attempt to populate all columns nothing happens other than the * is tabbed.

In SSMS the auto complete works as expected along with the * to complete all columns.

Lastly, I did a check for updates and I have the most recent update.

Thanks for any suggestions 


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry into SQL Prompt, we are sorry to hear it is giving you trouble.

    Regarding SQL Prompt not working in Visual Studio after updating to VS 2022, have you already attempted uninstalling and then reinstalling SQL Prompt? 

    This will normally resolve issues with functionality after updating either Visual Studio or SSMS.



  • Hello, I uninstalled SQL Prompt, reinstalled SQL Prompt and see no change e.g. type say SELECT * FROM Customers or SELECT * FROM dbo.Customers and in both cases the * does not work and the FROM shows no tables while in SSMS all works.
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