Troubleshooting IIS Hang

I purchase ANTS 1.0 and I just downloaded ANTS 2.0 to see if I was interested in upgrading -- plus I am having a problem with a web application I thought it could help me with.

I am having issues with IIS hanging intermittently when I am using my application. It seems to be after 2 postbacks within a section of my application.. but following different events and I cannot determine the similarities.

Anyway, I tried doing a memory profile thinking that maybe there was an object that was not getting disposed of or something... and it really didn't show me much.

All of the Biggest object names were System.String and System.Byte.. and there is no source code in my results so I have no ability to figure out what these objects are.

Maybe this means I don't have a problem.. but I am confused.

I am running on a project that was compiled in Debug mode... so I am unsure why I wouldn't see any source code.


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    Can you please check that there is a .pdb file in the same folder as the web application's assembly DLL? It usually kept in the BIN folder in the web application's directory structure.

    If it's there, there is still a possibility that it's invalid or corrupted, so you may want to do a rebuild to be safe.

    That should allow ANTS Profiler to find the source code.
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