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Version 10.12.6 broke SQL Prompt

DonFergusonDonFerguson Posts: 196 Silver 5
edited November 2, 2022 8:33PM in SQL Prompt
Since upgrading to 10.12.6 SQL Prompt has been behaving to a point that it's not very usable.  I hope a forward release that resolves the issues will be forthcoming. 

After upgrading I have had the following issues:

1. Tab history is very slow and often it just crashes, especially when I perform a search operation.
2. When I log into SSMS using the Runas another user feature, SQLPrompt just crashes

I would normally just uninstall SQLPrompt and reinstall a lower version but because it appears that SQL Prompt converted its TabHistory database, doing so is not really an option without loosing new saved queries since upgrading SQL Prompt to 10.12.6.

For anyone who hasn't upgraded to 10.12.6, I would highly recommend that it be avoided.

Redgate Support, I see a number of threads posted where others have had similar issues.  So when can we expect a new forward release of SQL Prompt that resolves these issues.


  • jgonneringjgonnering Posts: 36 Bronze 4
    I and my co-workers are having the same issues.
  • SandraVSandraV Posts: 4 Bronze 2
    I have problem #1 as well.  However, I always login to SSMS with a shortcut I setup that executes runas.exe in the target to prompt for a password to alternate credentials and don't see #2.  

    Unfortunately, what has recently happened is that my open tabs are no longer restored at startup.  I tried to toggle this on and off with shutdowns in-between.  I thought this maybe had to do with my opening SSMS under different credentials recently, as this sometimes makes SQL Prompt behave oddly but maybe it's this upgrade.
  • I tried using a shortcut that launches SSMS via the runas.exe syntax.  While the runas.exe prompted me for credentials via a command window as apposed to Windows GUI, it still worked as expected.  Nevertheless, it didn't change the outcome for SQL Prompt for me.  I was still presented with a crash screen when SQL Prompt loaded.

  • SandraVSandraV Posts: 4 Bronze 2
    I got that same access denied when I tried to locate the log files from the SQL Prompt menu.  No idea why.

    I ended up putting in a support ticket and then tried the workarounds, none of which helped.  So, I took the downgrade option which meant I lost a lot of my recent tab history but it's opening my tabs when I restart SSMS.  Not the best outcome but I'm OK with it.  I've saved anything critical to my scripts folder independent of the tool.  I'm more interested in the faster tab history and the ability to open tabs on startup.
  • Alright I was able to address the path not found error on my end by performing the following:

    1. Signed out of my workstation
    2. Logged back into my workstation as the user I was using for the runas another user option.
    3. Ran SSMS normally
    4. This time previously remembered query windows opened up and SQL Prompt did not crash.
    5. Logged out of my workstation
    6. Logged back in as my normal user.
    7. Launched SSMS under the runas another user option using the same user I had logged in as in step 2.
    8. Confirmed it didn't crash.

    Evidently SQL Prompt needs to do something initially that doesn't work under the runas another user feature.  But once fully logged into the workstation as that user, it can handle it.

    This only addresses the Runas another user issue as a viable workaround

    Slow Tab history is still a problem

    SQL Prompt crashing with the error "The semaphore timeout period has expired." message while performing searches in the Tab history is still a problem.

  • Hi everyone,

     Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums regarding this issue in SQL Prompt v10.12.6.

    Unfortunately there are some concerns with Tab History functionality in this release and our development team have it in their realm to resolve in a new release.

    Whilst a full solution is being worked on the current workaround that has been working for a number of users is to close down SSMS then browse to %localappdata%\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10\ and rename the file "SqlHistory.db" to something like "SqlHistoryOLD.db" and then relaunch SSMS


    Can you try the following steps:

    1 - Close SSMS, Delete the SQLHistory.db file

    2 - Open SSMS, there should be a tabhistory.migrating file created in the app data folder

    3 - Leave SSMS open until the tabhistory.migrating file disappears (this will take a variable amount of time, depending on how big the existing tab history database is)


    Once the tab history.migrating file disappears, you should be able to open the tab history UI.


    I shall keep this thread monitored and confirm with you when a release is available to this concern.


    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
  • DonFergusonDonFerguson Posts: 196 Silver 5
    Thanks for the information Jon.  When I look in my %localappdata%\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10\  folder I see two files.  SavedTabs.db with a last modified date of 9/29/2022 and SqlHistory.db with a last modified date that's current.  So it's reasonable for me to assume that if I were to try your recommended workaround, that I would lose all the queries recorded for the month of October.  To that extent, I ask what problem should this workaround solve?

    Does it solve the problem where tab history sort of works but it's very slow and performing a tab history search often leads to the "The semaphore timeout period has expired." crash.  Or does it solve the other error "Access to path is denied."  I suppose that it could potentially solve the first one if the problem is that the migration from SavedTabs.db to SqlHistory.db performed by the previous version (10.12.5) somehow corrupted the SqlHistory.db file and making this conversion again with 10.12.6 will result in a non corrupted SqlHistory,db file.  If that's the issue, I would like confirmation of that before committing to losing all my last month's history.  
  • Thanks, @pczarn2.  I tried @Jon_Kirkwood 's suggestion and all my recent tabs are gone - I'm back to around a month ago.  Super disappointing.  :(
  • Having the semaphore issue since yesterday and cannot use SQL Prompt!> VERY frustrating
  • Regarding @sleepySQLgirl comment I am very sorry to hear you have lost recent tabs as it goes against the details I had been provided about the workaround. Perhaps it would be better to recommend renaming instead of deleting the file for others.

    I'd suggest then this workaround may not be suitable in the case you may lose recent tabs. 


    The alternate would be to downgrade to an older version, as mentioned by @pczarn2. v10.11.9 is a fair step back but if its solving the immediate concern whilst waiting for v10.12.7+ to properly fix this issue.

    Download for v10.11.9 available here -


    This issue is certainly ongoing with our development team and there is a catch-up with the Prompt product experts happening in the next day or two. I shall endeavor to get some tangible updates to share with you shortly.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
  • Thank you @Jon_Kirkwood.  I look forward to the proper fix with the release of (v10.12.7+) as I don't want to lose my new tab history saved in %localappdata%\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10\SqlHistory.db. 

    Now if there was a tool that could merge the changes together between the SavedTabs.db and SqlHistory.db then I would not have any objections with rolling back to 10.12.4.  But since that doesn't seem to be the case I am stuck limping along with 10.12.6 until it's addressed.   

  • @Jon_Kirkwood, Just wondering if the sit-down occurred and if so what was the outcome. Jumped over to this forum post from the other forum post (SQL PROMTP: The semaphore timeout period has expired. Since upgrade today) since no one from Red-Gate has addressed anything in that post. It might be beneficial to combine the post if possible. Anxiously awaiting news on the new version to resolve this.
  • dgeppidgeppi Posts: 3 New member
    Add me to the list of users with the semaphore timeout period has expired message and subsequent crash.  Hoping for an update that corrects this issue shortly. I don't want to go back to the history from the end of September.
  • dgeppidgeppi Posts: 3 New member
    Just poked around and saw this even though Check for Updates showed as up to date on 10.12.6.

    It's a revamp of the Tab History as SQL History but I have all me recent query tabs without losing anything.
  • Thanks for pointing that out @dgeppi

    I downloaded and installed 10.13.0 and so far it seems that the "semaphore timeout" error is fixed.  And yes the SQL History interface as opposed to the Tab History interface has a whole new look and feel to it.
  • dgeppidgeppi Posts: 3 New member
    No problem, @DonFerguson

    It's been a frustrating issue so I wanted to help others find it if they are game to upgrade to the latest before the update gets officially pushed out.  Of course, after last update, I gave it a quick spin around the block before mentioning it in the thread.   :)
  • Hi all, 

     Thank you for the communication on this item, I have been out of office the last few days and have checked into this issue to see that v10.13.0 has been released. 

    It includes the new SQL History functionality which does appear to have had some impact on the Tab History functionality.

    There are some changes to the Redgate Platform for those using shared snippets and styles.


    Download link for v10.13.0 can be found here:


    Apologies for the lack of communication on this post these last days and hopefully this is a step forward to resolving the v10.12.6 issues and include some new functionality in Prompt for your workflows.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
  • terrytiptonterrytipton Posts: 1 New member
    Same problem with Prompt ( and SSMS (19.1). Prompt history fails to open. log indicates a timeout. I am not connected to a server. Just opening hisory. 

    2023-06-26 09:58:06.148 -05:00 [Warning] Error connecting to server - retrying...
    System.TimeoutException: The operation has timed out.
       at System.IO.Pipes.NamedPipeClientStream.Connect(Int32 timeout)
       at RedGate.SqlPrompt.SqlHistory.Client.NamedPipeClientStreamFactory.Create(String identifier, Int32 timeout)
       at RedGate.SqlPrompt.SqlHistory.Client.RetryingNamedPipeClientStreamFactory.Create(String identifier, Int32 timeout)

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