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There's some old conversation on this but how do the SQL Backup logs get deleted?  I'm finding my servers have the "Delete log files older than '90' 'Days' from this folder" checked AND the "Delete log files in LOGTO folders" checked, however, logs are not getting deleted. 

What is the mechanism that does the deletion?  Is it on opening the SQL Backup GUI?  Some background process?

I've searched the documentation and didn't seem too clear me, but perhaps it is when opening up the GUI.   

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  • petey2petey2 Posts: 87 Silver 3
    The process log files deletion is triggered at the end of every SQL Backup process.  So something like this will trigger it to run:

    EXEC master..sqlbackup 'BACKUP DATABASE model TO DISK = [<AUTO>]"'

    Which logs are not getting deleted?  Is it those in the primary log file folder, or those in the LOGTO folder?
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