Popup window stuck after windows lock screen


after Windows locks the screen and you login again, the popups of SQL Prompt (ie table creation script) cannot be closed anymore. They remain opened even if you click on the X: if you cannot close SSMS the only remediation is to manually resize them and move away from the work area.


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    Hi @LeonardoLombardo

     Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums and sorry to hear you are having this concern with SQL Prompt.  

    Are you able to provide some more details so we can investigate further.

    • Can you please advise the version of SQL Prompt you are using.
    • Are the pop-up boxes you mention like the one highlighted in this image? Are there other pop-up boxes that are not being closed as expected?
    • You mention Windows locking the screen, is that an automated lock and/or a manual lock? such as WIN+L. 
    • Is it just a locked screen or hibernation that is occurring?


    I have tested a few different scenarios but haven't been able to replicate the behavior as you describe it. Would like to get some more specifics so we can try and pinpoint what is occurring for you.


    Our latest version is V10.12.6, if you are not currently on this version I would suggest possibly patching to see if this issue has been resolved in a newer release than your version



    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    Hi @Jon_Kirkwood

    • versions:
    SQL Prompt is version
    SQL Server Management Studio 15.0.18424.0
    SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) 16.100.47021.0+7eef34a564af48c5b0cf0d617a65fd77f06c3eb1
    Microsoft Analysis Services Client Tools 15.0.19750.0
    Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 10.0.19041.2130
    Microsoft MSXML 3.0 6.0 
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.30319.42000
    Operating System 10.0.19044

    • here are the popups, both the table creation script one that the two yellow ones:
    • is an automated lock screen, via Windows AD/GPO/something like that
    • yes, it happens after resuming from hibernation and doing a login

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    MelloxMellox Posts: 7 New member
    I've have this issue also, although after I awake my laptop from placing it in sleep mode the day before. I do have v10.12.6 (which I STRONGLY dislike from the tab history slowness and semaphore timeout issue). The big issue with these popups is that they stay on the foreground and will snap back in place if trying to move, causing other applications to be hidden.  I end up having to move SSMS to a different monitor, then highlight a table to force a pop up window on each of the tabs until I find the one(s) causing the stagnant popup which clears the stagnant popup for from that tab. I'll usually have 3 to 8 popups needing clearing.
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    I used to manually reduce the window size moving it away from my main window (I have a single monitor...).
    @Mellox your our trick is better, I'll try it tomorrow!
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    Hi @Jon_Kirkwood

    I think I've found another use case to reproduce the bug. It seems this will happen when saving sql files to remote locations, where you have some delay in saving/reading.

    As @Mellox pointed out, these popups are binded to SSMS tabs: when you close the tab you get rid of the popups.
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    jbelinajbelina Posts: 9 Bronze 2
    I'm having the same problem, I just upgraded to SQL Prompt v10.12.6.30951.

    I'm hoping that fixes the problem!
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    Hi all,

    Can you please verify if this issue persists with the latest release. 

    I noted that there have been some changes in the UI functionality over the v13 major release and would like to see if this issue is persist after patching.

    Download for v10.13.1:
    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    MelloxMellox Posts: 7 New member
    Jon, thanks for getting back to us. However, I've been running that version already and still have the popup issues. I'll also say that when I disconnect my laptop from the docking stages with two monitors, I've seen them popup then too. So somehow tied into the display properties??

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    I can confirm that the issue is still there.

    Now (maybe even with previous version but I'm no sure) I can ALT-F4 those popups (without closing the originating SSMS tab).

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    MelloxMellox Posts: 7 New member
    Ohhhhhhhhh, thanks LL, I'll give that a try. Currently I don't want to close out my 20-30 tabs on different SSMS opened, so I hunt in each tab to create a popup and see if it clears one. The clicking on the x on the top right never did close them and didn't think of using ALTF4, but that would save me lots of time.
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