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How run tSQLt tests in azure CICD?

Iam_mradIam_mrad Posts: 2 New member
edited October 23, 2022 8:01AM in SQL Change Automation
I have a SCA project with some tests in tSQLt framework,
but I don't want to deploy tests to production environment,
so I create two SCA projects, first one only contains business schemas and the second one only contains tSQLt and test schemas, that both of them base on same database,

I thought i could deploy first project in azure and then apply test project on it and run tests, 
for that assumption i used two "SQL Change Automation: Build" tasks in azure build pipeline,
the first one work good,
but the second one, drop the first one and create a new database that only has test objects,

I don't know if I'm on the right track or not?
and now how can i continue?



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