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Why does my Deployment scripts folder change?

One of my favorite features is the ability to have SQL Compare automatically save scripts for me when I have the tool execute a deploy.  This provides a great way for me to go back and see what I've done, and my usual habit is to keep the "Deployment scripts folder" option set in the Application Options window. 

There are times when I want to have SQL Compare generate a deployment script for me (or someone else) to use - in cases like that, I really like the "Save Script..." button on the Deployment pane. This lets me save the script for someone else to use, and my usual habit is to save that off to a share drive somewhere in a folder for that particular deployment rather than open it in SSMS and save from there after Intellisense and add-ins have done their thing. 

However, I've noticed that if I choose to change the location of my one-time "Save Script ..." option, it overwrites the application options setting I saved earlier, and the next time I do a deploy it automatically saves the file to the previously-used folder (very not good when, say, my manually-saved script was for a Production deployment out to a share drive location for a scheduled deploy, and my next automatically-saved script is for a Test deploy for a buggy feature). 

Steps to reproduce:
- set the 'Deployment scripts folder' to a general location
- use SQL Compare to save a script to a different location (say, oh, a subfolder named "2022-10-21 Production Deploy")
- open Application Options and observe that the Deployment Scripts folder has changed. 

Is there a way to prevent the application from saving my "most recently-used save location" as my new "default deployment scripts folder"? 

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