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Sql Prompt Not recognizing objects in Editor (

justinPjustinP Posts: 1 New member
I noticed after I upgraded that when I open a query window, whether it is a new query or existing, the objects in the query, table name or field name, are underlined in red as if they are in error.

I can run the query or stored procedure, but what is irritating is that I cannot see if/when there is a legitimate error until I run.  I was not having this issue in previous versions.  I am running SQL Prompt in SSMS v18.12.1.

Looking in the log file it seems like there is nothing amiss (db info changed for privacy):

2022-10-18 10:09:16.219 -04:00 [Information] Populating [999.999.999.999].[xxxxx_xx] as "Sql2017"
2022-10-18 10:09:16.512 -04:00 [Information] Chosen server capabilities "Sql2017"
2022-10-18 10:09:21.699 -04:00 [Information] [999.999.999.999].[xxxxx_xx] Cache finished with no warnings

I have done the Refresh a couple of times and it does not clear out *and* I did a reboot and restarted SSMS.

Anyone else have this issue?  My colleague runs the same set up and does not seem to have this issue so it possible I just have some switch set wrong?


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    Hi @justinP ,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm sorry you are seeing this issue with SQL Prompt!

    In all honesty, this is the report of this specific issue that I'm aware of. I'm also unable to reproduce it on my machine here.

    Is it only objects that appear to be underlined? Would it be possible to see a screenshot of an example?


    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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