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Tabs history not working

Since the latest update of SQL Prompt the tabs history is not working. When I reopen SSMS none of the tabs from previous sessions are reopened. SQL Prompt version is, SSMS version is 15.0.18424.0.


  • Consider seeing previous post on it here.
  • Hi @gciric,

    This is related to an ongoing issue with the latest version of SQL Prompt.
    There is currently a temporary workaround that may fix your issue.
    You will need to close down SSMS then browse to %localappdata%\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10\ and rename the file "SqlHistory.db" to something like "SqlHistoryOld.db" and then relaunch SSMS. This will cause  SQL Prompt to create a new "SqlHistory.db" file and the Tabs history should start working again. 
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