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Moving to a new machine and need to copy Tab History

On my old machine it seems it has been using a database called SavedTabs.db in the AppData\Local\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10

But my new install of Redgate tools on my new machine seems to have a SqlHistory.db instead.

Different table names between these two SQLite databases.

How do I convert my old SavedTabs.db file to the newer SqlHistory.db file?

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    BlackMaelBlackMael Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    NOTE: On both machines I'm running SSMS 18.12.1

    On the new machine I have SQL Prompt v10.12.5.30313
    On the old machine I have SQL Prompt v10.12.2.28458 (oh... I thought it was up to date....)

    After a quick update... both machines have SQL Prompt v10.12.5 and it just created a new SqlHistory.db file on the old machine of roughly the same size as the SavedTabs.db file!

    And now I have my Tab History copied from the old machine now!
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