How to successfully generate matching data between 2 /more tables while generating new data


I am using  Red Gate SQL Data Generation tool (for SQL Server) and I would like to understand how I can populate 2 or more tables who have dependency on each in terms of foreign keys / any other column values to be mapped between the two - especially when I want to populate those columns with very specific values I want. 
Also , I am unable to find a way where I can use value of a new data I am generating to be used as an input value for another table or to be used as an input for computing another column value of the same table.   
Also why the dependent tables  do not get  auto-selected when I select a particular table to generate data. Am I missing something in my data-generation process ? , requesting your assistance. 


  • Hi @GauravP

     Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums regarding this SQ: Data Generator query

     This may be possible using a combination of Python scripts and/or SQL cross column generators.

    Are you able to share an example of the tables & data you are trying to generate so we can try to replicate your requirements and provide a potential solution.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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