Product Improvement - PDF and Word Navigation

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It would be extremely helpful for both of these output versions to have navigation added to PDF via bookmarks and Word  replicating the table of contents in the navigation panel. Currently both of these output types are only good for storing the information and not great for using as an active reference document. The Word version has all the bookmarks added, but they are randomly named, I'm assuming to support the table of contents, which is a shame as this could've been used to generate a navigable PDF version.  

All our previous documentation used CHM and worked extremely well, providing both easy navigation, indexing, search and favourites. I'm finding nothing in the current output options comes close to CHM functionality except HTML, but this doesn't have search.

I'm not asking for CHM to be reinstated, just for a bit more consideration regarding real world usage. Can you tell me which was the last version to support CHM, please?

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