Unable to find a RedGate.ssc file at the database location specified

tso617tso617 Posts: 2 New member
I am following instructions left by a former employee on using SQL Compare where the source is a local copy I just cloned from Git and the target is a SQL Server database.

I can connect to the SQL Server DB OK.

When I specify the source control system as Git and provide the path to the base for that database I receive an error when I click the Link button.

"Database location isn't valid" > "Unable to find a RedGate.ssc file at the database location specified"

I don't have access to the former employees laptop and am wondering if there is some trick I am missing, for example, I can confirm the the location of git.exe is in my windows PATH variable (at the top now).

The only thing I can think is that the former employee had this file stored locally but never pushed it into Git. IF this is the case, what does this file do/contain and how to I create it please? Will it work for other employees that also have a licence to use SQL Compare please?


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