Project build always times out, options like QueryBatchTimeout have no effe

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Not sure what happened to my original post so apologies if this is a duplicate.

I'm dealing with a SQL Source Control project (SQL scripts folder) that never builds when handled by the SQL Change Automation task available for Azure DevOps pipelines. Building the DDL and DML scripts in SQL Compare/SQL Data Compare and running them in eg SSMS/SQLCMD takes 15s & 4m28s respectively. One large SQL data script is 21.5MiB with 73K INSERT statements, and removing this script allows the build to succeed.

Below is the task definition, I'm fully aware that most or all of the timeout settings do nothing, because we've tried 0 (supposedly infinite if https://documentation.red-gate.com/sca/reference/powershell-cmdlets/invoke-databasebuild is where it's actually getting passed to) and very large numbers, expecting it was seconds and not minutes. I found the other timeouts in a Powershell script that the Devops/VSTS agent is actually running during the build.

- task: RedgateSqlChangeAutomationBuild@4
    operation: 'Build SQL Change Automation Project'
    sqlProj: 'SqlScripts'
    packageName: '******************BuildRelease'
    tempServerTypeBuild: 'sqlServer'
    tempServerNameBuild: 'localhost\Sql2017Express'
    tempDatabaseNameBuild: ''******************'
    authMethodBuild: 'sqlServerAuth'
    usernameBuild: ''******************'
    passwordBuild: ''******************'
    nugetPackageVersionSelector: 'Specific'
    nugetPackageVersion: '1.0'
    requiredVersionOfDlma: 'latest'
    QueryBatchTimeoutBuild: 0
    QueryBatchTimeoutSync: 0
    QueryBatchTimeoutTest: 0
    QueryBatchTimeout: 0
Any input is appreciated, thanks.


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