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SQL Compare Not Finding Difference in TEXTIMAGE_ON FileGroup

We use SQL Compare for object migrations between environments.  Some tables were changed in development to move TEXTIMAGE_ON to a different filegroup, however SQL Compare is not detecting the filegroup difference and shows no differences between the source dev environment and the environment we are migrating to.  If I script the table as create in SSMS in the source & destination, I can see TEXTIMAGE_ON on LOB filegroup in dev & OP filegroup in QA, so I know they are different.  I've tried selecting and unselecting Ignore FileGroups... in project options.  Also, to clarify, and handful of tables that changed were detected fine and another handful it won't detect the changes.


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    Update - Looks like this is only happening on tables where the only LOB column is datatype geography.  Was able to do a schema compare in SSDT and it detected the filegroup change fine.
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    Hi @kayblood

    My apology for the delay in replying to you on this!

    Would you mind confirming the version of Compare you are using? Also, are you using the GUI or the command line for your comparisons?
    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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