Exception on handled exception


ANTS Profiler claims this is an unhandled exception:

// Some code that generates an exception in another assembly
catch(Exception* ex)
// Handles exception

When running stand alone, or in Visual Studio the managed C++ code runs without any problems. But when running the project in ANTS, ANTS claim that this handled exception is unhandled and stops execution.

Note that the exception occurs in another assemly in "SomeMethod()", but is handled as above.

Any workaround or knowlegde on this?


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    This problem should be fixed in the upcoming version. Unfortunately I don't have any information available as to what the possible cause could be right now.
  • Hi,

    we have found and fixed the problem in our profiling code. This will be available in our ANTS Profiler 2.1 release scheduled for end of April 2005. We have a release candidate with the fix. Contact us if you would like to try out the new version.


  • Thanks. I have recoded the project in an "ANTS safe" way now, so I'll simply wait for the 2.1 update to be released.
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