SQL Toolbelt Essential 2022 silent install with license key

Hello, I try to make a script for SQL Toolbelt Essential 2022 silent install with license key.
I used the following command "SQLToolbeltEssentials.exe /IAgreeToTheEula log log.txt RG_PFUR_ENABLED=1 RG_LICENSE=xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx". When I open the application, I received the following message "unable to connect to the redgate client service".  
redgate client service was running and it looks something to do with proxy.
Is there any workaround to connect the license server?

Thank you for your help.


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    Hi Kim,

    Thank you for your post. The Redgate Client should be proxy aware and work around it. If you also have a Firewall configured then this may also be preventing the connection. I would recommend checking this article for a list of the licensing endpoints -  Licensing & update URLs to add to your AllowList in firewall 
    If you add those to the allowlist on the Firewall and then retry.

    Failing that you can also navigate to http://localhost:22221/redgate/status.html and under recently connected products look for the tool you are trying to activate (Tool will need to have been opened in that session before accessing that link) Click the option "Activate here" and then login with your redgate ID when prompted. If you are listed on the license as a user then this should activate the tool. If not though it will also ask for the license key. 
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    kim_22kim_22 Posts: 2 New member

    Thank you for the instruction.
    When I added the DNS information on my hosts file like below.            localhost:22221     licensing.red-gate.com     productlogin.red-gate.com     update.red-gate.com

    After login into RedGate, I received the following error message saying that  Could not connect to Regate.

    Am I missing anything here?

    Thank you so much for your help.
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