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View statistics on query across databases and / or servers

Are there any functionality to view stats for queries across databases and / or servers?

We have multiple similar databases, recieving the same queries. Currently one are able to view top-queries on server and database level, but what would be very valuable is to see the same information across databases on a server and across servers where one would match the query on a content of the query itself. Then one could pinpoint globally what queries that has high io / cpu / ... even tough they on a individual db-level is not "high"

Best Answer

  • DustinMDustinM Posts: 66 Bronze 1

    Unfortunately, this is currently not supported in the SQL Monitor GUI but we welcome the suggestion, please feel free to add to our user voice forums to raise awareness of requested features to our dev team.
    The team is also working on a way to export this sort of data separate from the GUI but unfortunately, I do not have an eta on when this may be released.


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