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GUI for Advanced Comparison Options


why is the GUI for configuring the comparison options missing in Flyway Desktop? It is a pain not knowing which options are considered. Using the .json and .xml file in project folder in combination with your documentation to look for default setting values is not comfortable and feels a bit like a joke :) .

See https://documentation.red-gate.com/fd/tutorial-configuring-advanced-comparison-options-152109162.html 

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    maxschafintactmaxschafintact Posts: 8 New member
    edited September 15, 2022 7:19PM
    Thanks for your answer. It took us a while to find out why our scripts are failing to update databases and to get flyway-dev.json right (a setting resulted in a flyway exception,...).

    I think that this is important to get people to Flyway Desktop. We have a database with a lot of objects (>16000) and couldn't use Sql Source Control because it was slow inside SSMS and crashed a lot. FD makes using Redgate possible.

    We appreciate your work (and do not need the GUI anymore ;) ).

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