SQL Search 3.6 problem problem with SSMS 18.4

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Since the automatic update to SQL Search 3.6, I can't create a connection in the "Object Explorer" side panel of SSMS 18.4. If it do, it quickly crashes and restarts SSMS. I've downgraded to SQL Search 3.5 and then it works fine again, but I can't turn off the automatic updates for SQL Search, so the next time I open SSMS it has automatically been upgraded back to SQL Search 3.6, and the problem is back.


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    Hi @ljanzen

    Unfortunately SQL Search 3.6 is not supported by SSMS versions 18.0-18.4, please upgrade to SSMS 18.5 or later to resolve this issue. 

    Alternatively you should be able to disable automatic updates for SQL Search from the Help menu: 


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    Okay, I was aware that SQL Prompt was incompatible with SSMS 18.0-18.4, but didn't realize that SQL Search was the same. Thanks for letting me know!
    Just a note regarding the option of unchecking "Enable auto-updates": that seems to be enabled by default when the product is installed, and even if I uncheck that option as soon as I open SSMS, it seems like the update has already been triggered, and isn't cancelled when I uncheck it, so I can't prevent it from doing at least one update (which gives me 3.6, and the incompatibility problem is back).
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