Support SSM 19 Preview 3 and SQL Server 2022

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I am having a license of Redgate Source Control Version 7. It works perfectly with SSMS 18 and SQL Server 2019.

Now, I want to move to SSMS 19 (Preview 3) and SQL Server 2022. I removed and re-installed Redgate Source Control Version 7, however Redgate Source Control does not integrate with SSMS 19, it simply does not show up.

Redgate Source Control is not ready for the latest SQL Server 2022, isn't it?



  • To anyone else coming across this post, this was answered in a support email that was sent through, but the below information should answer the questions: 

    As for SSMS 19 (Preview 3), this does work, but you may have to uninstall and re-install SQL Source Control in order for it to show up in preview 3.

    The following page will indicate whether we officially support SQL Server 2022 or not:
    As it is not officially confirmed yet, you can still choose to use SQL Server 2022, but with SQL Source Control, you must be aware that in doing so, it is at your own risk. The developers have also mentioned that as long as you are not going to be using the following features, then using SQL Server 2022 should be fine:
    Ledger tables, GENERATE_SERIES, JSON_OBJECT functions and MS DacFx Parser v16

    Kind regards,

    Kurt McCormick
    Product Support Engineer, Redgate

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