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Source Control Incorrectly Showing Object as Edited

I am currently evaluating Source Control for Oracle.  For the most part it is functioning well but there are times when it will keep showing the same view as edited when there have been no changes made to it and the object environment compare display window at the bottom also shows no changes.  It seems to happen on views that have table comments documented and there are carriage returns in the comment.  Happy to show you this bug over screen share session.


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    Hello BFLAHERTY,

    Terribly sorry to read you hit this issue, we'll try to replicate this with a view to correcting it.

    Please could you let us know the following, if you'd rather do so privately, please let us know that instead and we can create a support call for you.

    • Version of Source Control
    • Version of Oracle
    • Brief example of a faulty commont (unless all comments are affected)
    • How the comments are being populated
    Kind regards
    Peter Laws | Redgate Software
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    BFLAHERTYBFLAHERTY Posts: 3 New member
    Source Control for Oracle Version 
    Oracle 12C R2

    I'm not sure if it's the comment or not or a function within the view definition.  Happy to set up a screenshare with you to review the error which keeps happening.  I've just also sent a fresh error report due to this issue:  

    Error CheckIn returned with ChangeSet ID=0, nothing to Check in? Didn't expect 0 actual 0

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