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Can reopening tabs in SSMS 18 be bypassed?

Having tab history has changed my life and I would never want to turn it off.

There are times, however, when I want to start the day fresh--without restoring any tabs. For example, last night I opened 17 stored procedures, made a small change and closed the files. This morning, I had to wait while prompt opened all 17 procedures and then go through and close each one.

Is there a way to bypass restoring tabs when launching SSMS? Maybe by holding down a ctrl or option key?


  • Hi @Data_Writer, thank you for your post.

    When you start Management Studio, SQL Prompt automatically restores open tabs from your previous session.

    If you don't want SQL Prompt to restore tabs:

    1. On the SQL Prompt menu, click Options.
    2. Under Tabs, click Tab history:
    3. Under Open tabs, clear the Restore open tabs when SQL Server Management Studio starts check box.

    Alternatively you can limit the number to 5 for example which should speed up the load time for SSMS.  
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