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How To Configure Alert To Fire Only During Specific Timeframe

aapargaaparg Posts: 1 New member
We have a custom monitor that counts the number of orders in the past hour and would like to receive an alert if it returns 0 during peak hours. How can we disable the alert during off-peak hours? Is there any way to do this without providing a fake value in the sql, necessitating a separate monitor for the alert vs the data tracking? 


  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, there is no simple way of disabling the alerts during off-peak hours as there is nothing built in by default to do this. The couple options that may be possible are. 

    To use the PowerShell API on a schedule to disable the alert during off-peak hours and re-enable it when peak hours start. This is probably the best option as the data will be collected throughout and it is just the alert that is disabled. Though this may not work with custom alerts.
    Apart from that would be setting fake values in the SQL which you stated you are wanting to avoid, but adding +1 to any data in the off-peak hours so that it would always be at least 1 and just understand during offpeak hours it shows 1 more than it actually is ( the custom alert will need to be set up to fire when the value crosses the threshold 1). 

    I hope this information helps.



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