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Monitoring error(SQL data collection)

kyagyukyagyu Posts: 2 New member
The monitoring was working but recently many of servers are showing monitoring error.  I can ping to servers.  What is this mean and how to fix it? 


  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,118 Diamond 4
    Hi @kyagyu,

    Are you able to elaborate on the error you are seeing for the entities?  Is it "Monitoring error" and the card is red, or is it a "Monitoring error (SQL Server data collection)" alert that has been raised (these are yellow/medium severity alerts).  In either case, you may still be able to ping the server, there is just an issue connecting to SQL Server or a T-SQL sampler query has failed in some way.

    If the entity is showing as "Monitoring error" you should be able to go to the Configuration > Monitored servers page and click on the "Show log" link at the right side of the row for the SQL Server entry showing the connection problem to see the error.

    That should also work if it is the alert and the alert is still active (not ended). If the alert is ended, the error that caused it should be in the Base Monitor_Sampling.<date>.log files for the entity for the time of the alert (the logs are in UTC). 

    You can get the log files from "%ProgramData%\Red Gate\Logs\SQL Monitor" or you can get the log file zip from Configuration > Retrieve all log files, which has all the log files zipped up along with some other useful information.

    I can reach out via a support ticket to get the log files if you need to send them in.

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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