how can I supress error "selected objects are identical..."

I am struggling with the compare tool in powershell to get the changes....

    $result = & "D:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\SQL Change Automation PowerShell\SC\SqlCompare.exe" /sca1:D:\Roles\RedGateDbPackages\Common\db\project\Common.sqlproj /server2:"." /database2:Common /o:idc,ie,ic,idsn,ifg,iup,if,ik,infr,ist /exclude:table:__MigrationLog /exclude:table:__SchemaSnapshot /exclude:view:__MigrationLogCurrent /exclude:Sequence  | Out-string

when I include identical I get all the identical list.
But I want just the changes...how I do that?


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    I am afraid that without "include:identical" you will get an error if there are no changes.
    The suggested workaround would be to add some error handling code to your command instead of using "include:identical" 
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