Backup before Sync from Cmd line

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Is the Backup before the sync job available from the cmd line, I've reviewed the command line support pages but did not see an option




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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    That's because there isn't an option - backup before sync isn't available from the command line.

    Would you like it to be, and how would you want to use it if it was? We've always assumed that if you're using the command line you could just call something else to execute a backup command before calling Data Compare, and so didn't think it was worth putting the feature into the command line...
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    I do see you line of thinking; if you are in a script why not just make a call to a backup script and I that is what I am going to do. Nevertheless, the backup before sync was a feature that was requested of my script a few days ago and I thought if I can just upgrade the scripts to SQL Compare 8 that would be easier than writing a backup script myself.

    thanks for your quick reply

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