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Creating Dependency diagram is time consumption

To create diagram take a tens minutes. Where could be a problem?
The database has about 400 tables and about 60GB.


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    Hi @mch

    Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums and sorry to hear you're running into some performance issues with SQL Dependency Tracker!


    To help us narrow down the cause in this case:

     - Are you able to try SQL Dependency Tracker on the same database but from another machine?

    - Is it just as slow on smaller databases?

    - How much CPU and RAM is it using while it's generating the graphs?


    If possible are you able to enable verbose logging and recreate the slow speed and provide the logs.

    Logging was disabled after v3.3.4 due to an ongoing compliance update, if you have patched past this version can you please downgrade so logs can be created



    I have created a file upload for your logs so they don't have to be shared over the public forum


    This link will be active for 7 days


    In a number of cases, SQL Dependency Tracker is not able to fully process large and/or complicated databases effectively and will experience the slowness that you are describing.

    We recommend reducing the amount of objects in your project to see if this improves performance as well as tweaking the depth level of objects that are added through the Project Options > Diagram options menu


    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    mchmch Posts: 16 Bronze 1
    Hi @Jon_Kirkwood.
    Thanks for you answers. 
    ad another machine: yes, I tried it and the problem is the same
    ad smaller database (at the same db server): yes, it is much faster
    ad CPU and RAM: cca 0,1% CPU nad 53MB RAM in case of small db, cca 2% CPU and up to 100MB in case of big db

    ad depth level of objects: zero level in both used by/use

    I'm not able to downgrade Redgate at the moment. I will send you a message when I will try it.
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    Thank you for the details @mch
    It may just be the behavior of the software trying to process a large/detailed database schema and taking a longer time to do it.

    But shall check back in to this post to see if you are able to downgrade + generate logs in case it's something else we're able to help with.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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