Best command line string to produce compare table that can be imported to a SQL table?

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So I'm trying to get the output of a simple SQL compare into a SQL table and go from there. Some things I'm running into, at first I was using SQL Compare 13 and it turns out it's XLS/Excel output is much different than what you'd get with the same command in SQL Compare 14. 13 basically just lists the objects while 14 lists the objects and their entire DDL differences. Is there a way to get the 14 output to match the 13 output? As in, not as rich? I just need the objects.

My main goal is to get this data into a SQL table itself, anyone ever done this and/or have tips on what output would be best? I'm probably going to have to set up a SSIS job to run the command, grab the output and then input into a SQL table.



  • Hi @Trojan1

    From the description of your process, it sounds as though you could just run a compare/deploy straight to the SQL table in question, instead of having to generate an XLS/Excel doc to then import it via an SSIS job. You could even automate this by saving the script as a .bat file and running it through Windows Schedular. 

    Would this process work better for you? It would cut out a few steps and the need to manage an SSIS package. 

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