Setup auto run Pyspark notebook from Alteryx

I need to schedule Pyspark notebook to run using Alteryx. There seems to be Python and Apache spark code options available in Alteryx but no Pyspark.


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    Hi @pavanknrhnk

    Thanks for reaching out to us, unfortunately these are not products that Redgate supports.
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    pavanknrhnkpavanknrhnk Posts: 2 New member

    Spark uses the programming languages Scala, Java, Python, and R.

    This is a Scala programming language forum. You need to go to the Spark application and/or Alteryx application forums to resolve the application issues you have.

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    johnsonitjohnsonit Posts: 1 New member
    Use the Python tool in Alteryx to write and execute your Pyspark code. Alteryx supports Python scripting, so you can write your Pyspark code within the Python tool.

    Remember, while Alteryx may not have a dedicated "Pyspark" option, its Python and Apache Spark functionalities can often be leveraged to accomplish Pyspark-related tasks. Experiment with the available tools and functionalities within Alteryx to best suit your specific requirements.
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