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Is there a way to batch create snippets?

I want to create snippets for about 75 clients that inserts the client id as the code, when I type the client name.  For example:

snippet: walmart
code: 12345678

snippet: target
code: 987654321

Is there a way to batch-create the snippets from a file (text, *.xlsx, etc.) instead of creating them one at a time through the UI?


  • Hi there,

    Thank you for reaching out about SQL Prompt.

    There currently is not a way to batch-create snippets from a file. The fastest method to create snippets is to highlight the block of code, right-click and select Create Snippet.

    I would highly recommend that you create a feature request through our UserVoice here:

    The development team regularly goes through the UserVoice, and if a feature gains enough traction, they consider putting it in.

    Kind Regards,
    David Kim
    Product Support Engineer

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